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Team 2021


Curtin staff

Dr David Belton – Spatial Sciences

Dr Petra Helmholz – Spatial Sciences

Tony Snow LS - Spatial Sciences


Volunteers and Mentors

Eugene Browne LS – former Surveyor General

Wayne Garwood – retired Engineering and Mine Surveyor

Gerry Nolan LS – former Director of MNG

Geoff Robb LS – Director of RM Surveys

Kent Wheeler – Geodesist, Landgate

Ken Leighton LS - former Chief Geodetic Surveyor, Landgate

Camp Support

David King

Sue Snow

  • Aaron Coves - Bulong Cemetery Repeg

  • Ainslea Kipling - Camera Calibration for the mapping of the Golden Pipeline

  • Blake Mansfield - Pipeline Mapping using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

  • Clancy Lagan-Brown  - Drone Mapping using a PPK drone

  • Dempsey May - Beringbooding Rock Catchment Mapping

  • Jake Martin - GNSS Resurvey Bulong Network

  • Joshua Cepo - Warden's Court Building Coolgardie, 61 Sylvester St Reserve 2446

  • Kimmy Benton - Boundary Re-establishment of Bulla Bulling Rock Tavern

  • Michael Defrenne - GNSS Update of Standard Survey Marks 

  • Mitchell Tobin - Rabit Proof Fence

  • Oliver Brewster - Multispectral Drone Mapping for Pipeline Surveys

  • Sebastian Buttler - Great Eastern Highway Level Traverse

  • Robert Kither - Repeg of the Bulong Post Office Town lots 81-83 

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