Multispectral drone imagery

Oliver Brewster

Bullabulling is a small townsite in the Goldfields Esperance region, approximately 526 km east of Perth, Western Australia. The town was gazetted in 1898, when the population of the town was 160.

Bullabulling was particularly important to the mining operations in the goldfields due to its underground water supplies and featured a reservoir which forms part of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme. The water was sent to Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie using only the forces of gravity (i.e. moves without pumping).

This project aims to capture a pipeline corridor using multispectral drone imagery.

The drone imagery will be used to create an ortho-image and 3D surface model which includes the various spectral bands picked up by the sensor. This information will then be used to classify different elements in the scene. These elements include the pipeline spatial position, vegetation, ground and water. 

Pipeline Corridor