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WA Student Survey Expeditions

Every two years mentors and sponsors of the Student Survey Expedition make it possible for a group of Curtin Surveying students to travel a different part of WA, "treading in the footsteps of WA's pioneering surveyors"


During the two-week trips the students undertake field work on their pre-defined projects, while receiving valuable help and advice from their experienced mentors.

Interactive Survey Expedition Map by Liam Willis.

How to use the Student Survey Expedition Interactive web map.

1). Zoom in to areas of interest using the mouse scroll or top left zoom feature.

2). Select clusters to zoom in and points for more information.

3). See top right corner for layer selection, Turn on and off layers at your discretion.

4). Geolocate and Measure tool also available in the top left corner, use as you would with Google Maps.

5). Use given HTML links to learn more about each project and expedition

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