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Team 2018


Curtin staff

Dr David Belton – Spatial Sciences

Dr Petra Helmholz – Spatial Sciences

Tony Snow LS - Spatial Sciences


Volunteers and Mentors

Eugene Browne LS – former Surveyor General

Wayne Garwood – retired Engineering and Mine Surveyor

Gerry Nolan LS – former Director of MNG

Geoff Robb LS – Director of RM Surveys

Kent Wheeler – Geodesist, Landgate

Ken Leighton LS - former Chief Geodetic Surveyor, Landgate

Camp Support

John Walker

  • David Winters - Warribanno Chimney (Mapping using Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Drones)

  • Samuel Beaver - Lynton Convict Depot (Mapping using Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Drones)

  • Brayden Linaker - St Mary’s Church (Mapping using Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Drones)

  • Toby Ansell - Irwin Baseline (Renovation using GNSS)

  • Roque Ruiz - Brookings Triangulation (GNSS Survey)

  • Joe Outtrim- Galena (Cadastral Redefinition Survey of lot 39)

  • Timothy Ball - St Mary’s Church Repeg (Cadastral Redefinition
    Survey, Northampton)

  • Daniel Gunasekaran - Ajana Townsite (Cadastral Redefinition
    Survey of Lot 42 Croton St)

  • Riley Pilcher - Pt Gregory (Hydrographic Survey)

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