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My project is located at Payne’s find state gold battery, where I will analyse and asses data capturing methods for the Zebedee scanner and Leica C10 scan station in an industrial environment, while digitally capturing the last remaining (still operating) gold battery in WA.


Paynes Find takes its name from Tomas Payne, the first prospector to register a gold mining lease with the Mines Department of Western Australia in 1911. As a reward he was granted free use of the states’ gold battery to process ore laden rock. In 1987 the battery was sold to the Taylor Family and is till used today, and as of December 2010 the corporate entity Paynes Find Gold Limited acquired all tenements held by the Taylor family and was listed on the ASX.



The aim is to establish methods and techniques of hand held scanning to achieve results of what is currently obtainable via traditional laser scanning equipment. The C10 will be used as the baseline test, tying into a control network surrounding the Battery with three to four instrument setups within the building. I will focus more so on the ground floor for comparison of the accuracy measurements; a mezzanine floor is present in initial planning photographs however access does not seem visible at this point in time. I will then plot a course through the building using the hand held unit. I will do four separate legs; the first will be a one way journey through the building, the second will be a two way journey through the building, the third will be a one way journey stopping at points of intricate detail to obtain additional point cloud data and the fourth will be a two way journey with stops to pick up additional detail.


The point cloud data will be edited and then modelled to best represent the Battery, ideally using textures captured by both digital camera and the C10’s on board camera. Upon completion this will be made available to tourism websites and the State Heritage Committee to promote and preserve the building.

Accuracy comparison between traditional terrestrial laser scanners and hand held laser scanning

Cameron Baker
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