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Gwalia Winder Gear

Zach Howes  -  Feature Survey of Gwalia Winder Gear


Located 3 kilometers south of Leonora, Gwalia underground mine became operational in 1897 (St Barbara Limited, 2015) and by 1919 was one of the state’s most economic underground operations, as well as Western Australia’s deepest underground mine with a shaft depth close to 4000ft.


The mine remained in operation until 1963 when it became uneconomical to continue operations.


During this time, the only closure occurred between 1921 and 1923, when the mine was devastated by fire. It was only through dedicated efforts of the mine staff that the head frame and winder were saved (Engineers Australia, 2016).


The purpose of this project is to determine accurate control for the site, which can be used to capture a precise geo-referenced point cloud of the Sons of Gwalia winder gear, using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner.

Given the cultural and historic significance of the Gwalia winder gear, the point cloud will be accurately modeled creating an aesthetically pleasing and interactive three dimensional model. The model can then be used for tourism, ensuring the preservation of the winder gear’s place in Gwalia’s history.


The complexity and accuracy of the model also means it can be referenced at a later date to rebuild and maintain the winder gear should it ever be deconstructed or damaged.


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