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Cadastre Survey

Aaron Coves

Aaron’s project was split into two main objectives.


The first was to determine the original street intersections along Colin and Jephson Street, marking all intersections with fence droppers. This objective was completed by using a two Trimble R10 GPS’s with RTK and a base station on the known SSM Kurnalpi 67. The coordinates of street intersections were acquired using Landgates spatial cadastral database which were inputted into the controller to use as a stakeout position for the fence droppers. The accuracy required for this objective was only 1m, therefore the use of RTK is adequate for the job. The street markers will be utilised by the historical society to erect street signs. 

The second objective was to re-establish the Bulong cemetery’s boundaries using the original field books and planes from 1897 for the Shire of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. This was done by completing an extensive search of original marks to be able to redefine the boundary lines. The cemetery was redefined using hallmarks at corners, with some spikes being put in to reference the corner. The cemetery fence was observed to create reference marks to be able to later find the hallmarks if needed.

Bulong Cemetery 

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