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List of Projects

  1. Norseman baseline re-establishment of South Base mark and locate North Base mark and remeasure. Perhaps consider an historical information plaque in collaboration with the Norseman Historical Soc. (Daniel Win)

  2. Consider recreating the original primary triangulation network to Mt Thirsty and Jimberlana from the re-established baseline. (Including Norseman CORS as a reference station). (Daniel Win)

  3. RTK   survey of Eyre Highway from Norseman to Eucla and return, using CORS sites at Norseman, Balladonia, Arubiddy and Eucla. Tying to MRWA SSM traverse along highway and analysis of radial residuals.
    (Jay Sidhu)

  4. Balladonia Telegraph Station - Re-establish Cadastral and scan building. (Brock Hyde)

  5. Re-establishment of any part of the original overland telegraph lines ie the coast and/or the inland route. (Brock Hyde)

  6. Madura – old roadhouse/motel/water supply complex (bit like Time Team stuff), and locate the underground tank. (Thomas Jarosz)

  7. Point of Interest at the fossil quarry nearby. (Thomas Jarosz)

  8. Cave survey, possibly at Madura Cave and connection to NMF79 including re-observed baselines to adjacent trigs. (Thomas Jarosz)

  9. Old Eucla Telegraph Station: (Will Bovill)
    -Scan remains.
    -Locate cadastre and re-mark key street corners using wooden posts with   gouged IDs.
    -Commemorative plaque indicating Curtin’s involvement.

  10.  WA/SA border: (Ashley Plaiche)
    -Location of survey monuments south of the Hwy at Border Village and connection to the coast and all adjacent trigs.
    -New plaque for attachment to SSI monument south of Border Village.
    -Place plaque and marker at Quarantine Inspection Station for tourist curiosity.
    -Locate and connect BMs in vicinity of Deacon, tie Deacon to railway. --Baseline observations from coast to Deacon Obelisk to ascertain if they project the true border northwards. 

  11. Height mods along Trans Continental Railway and update station summaries. (Ryan Brady)

  12. Consider doing a loop trip from Eucla, border track to Deacon, to Forrest (refuel or not), to Eucla with side trip south from Reid to NMF723 (Doppler point) for baselines back to NMF224, Deacon and Eucla CORS.  Or AusPos.
    (Ryan Brady)

  13. Height mods about ½ way along the Eucla-Forrest road, and or AusPos.
    (Ryan Brady)

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