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Canning Stock Route

If it wasn't for the sponsorship provided by the organisations below, this expedition would not be possible. The Canning Stock Route Expedition Crew for 2010 would like to thank all sponsors for their support, it is greatly appreciated.


Curtin University Spatial Sciences discipline

Spatial Sciences is a discipline in the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences in the faculty of Science and Engineering. Courses offered include Surveying, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cartography, and Mine and Engineering Surveying.



Fugro was founded in 1962 and has carried out activites all over the world, onshore, offshore and from the air. Their main concern is primarily aimed at providing advice to the oil and gas industry, mining industry and construction industry.



Landgate, previously known as the Department for Land Administration (DLI), is the authority responsible for maintaining the State's official register of land ownership and survey information. Landgate is also responsible for valuing the State's land and property for government interest.

Landgate provides the public and private sector with land and property information, a secure land titles system and land valuation services. Their geospatial data is gathered from a number of sources including, ground or cadastral surveys, aerial photographs and satellite imagery.

For more information please refer to Landgates website. Located at:


The Land Surveyors Licensing Board

The Land Surveyors Licensing Board (LSLB) are the governing body for land surveyors. The board consists of 6 members. The board has 5 main objectives, those are:

  • to promote the provision of sound education requirements for the profession coupled with continuing assessments

  • to maintain reciprocity between the States and Territories of Australia and certain other countries and provide a licensing or registration structure for those persons involved in authorised surveys

  • to provide a means of administering discipline in case of breaches of the Act in accordance with relevant sections of the Act

  • To ensure sound liaison with Government

  • To ensure sound liaison with industry


McMullenNolan and Partners Surveying (MAPS)

McMullenNolan is a leader in the provision of land survey and specialist spatial services throughout Australia and South East Asia. They offer a number of services to private and government clientele, these servcies include: - Land Survey - Hydrographic Survey - 3D Laser Scanning - 3D Visualisation - Mapping - Solid Terrain Models - Cartographics - Geographic Information Systems (GIS)



Whelans has been surveying in the public and private sectors in property and mining industries since the 1920's. Whelans now offers a large range of services, including:

  • Mapping: Aerial, Mine, Ortho Processing

  • Surveying:

  • Land Development

  • Cadastral Surveys,

  • Engineering Surveys

  • Exploration and Mining Surveys

  • Specialist Surveys

  • Geoinfor Solutions

  • Custom Graphics

  • Town Planning

  • Town Planning

  • Development Management


Cottage and Engineering Surveys

Cottage and Engineering Surveys is a surveying company operating in the private secture in Western Australia based in Perth. Cottage and Engineering Surveys offer a range services in both the cadastral and engineering sector, including

  • Restablishment Surveys

  • Subdivisions

  • Survey Strata

  • Contour Site Survey

  • Setouts


Land Surveys

Land Surveys is a large surveying company operating across Australia offering providing full surveying services specialising in Land, Engineering and Mining Surveys for the Construction, Infrastructure, Development and Mining Industries.


Newmont Mining Corporation

Newmont Mining Corporation is primarily a gold producer, with significant assets or operations in the United States, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Ghana, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico. For this expedition it was Newmont Jundee operation in WA which offered there sponsorship

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