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The town of Austin (also known as Lake Austin) is an abandoned town site in the Murchison region of Western Australia, located approximately 25 Km south of Cue, along Great Northern Hwy. Its approximate geographical position is 27.63°S 117.87°E (decimal) and it is located on an island within the lake, Lake Austin. 


It was gazetted in 1895 and named after the surveyor Robert Austin (1825–1905), who was part of much of the early exploration of the Murchison goldfields and responsible for charting the surrounds. Unfortunately, with the price of gold on a decline around the turn of the century and the strength of the nearby major town Cue, the Austin Town site was never established. However, it does contain remains of the railway platform which was a stop for the nearby Golconda Gold Mine outside the townsite.



The proposal for the Lake Austin project is to combine a GNSS network with a terrestrial survey to create a special survey area (SSA) in the town site of Lake Austin.



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Lake Austin

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