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Niagara Town Cadastre




Bruce Li  -  Niagara town site cadastre survey


Niagara is an abandoned goldfields town site, located about 788 km east north of Perth between Menzies and Leonora. Niagara town site was established late 1890s and was abandoned around 1909.


So the cadastre information hasn’t been updated for more than hundred years. It can be a typical sample of analyzing the cadastre information of old town sites in SCDB.


The target is to resurvey the boundary of town site and work out the coordinates with the absolute accuracy of the cadastre through connecting the boundary with SSMs by using total station or GPS, so I can compare the coordinates obtained and the existing coordinates in SCDB.


The AUSPOS method could also be tested as an important alternative way of obtaining coordinates information when there is no SSM to be used or the quality of SSM is not of high standard.

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