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Ajana Townsite

Cadastral Redefinition Survey of
Lot 42 Croton St

Daniel Gunasekaran 


The focus of this project is the reinstatement of the boundaries of Lot 42 Croton St Ajana, a lot in a rural townsite which contains minimal survey data. After reinstating the boundaries using conventional terrestrial methods, there is an opportunity to test the accuracy of the Spatial Cadastral Database (SCDB) coordinates in the area. The geographical coordinates of two intersection points (IPs) were derived using GNSS; one derived from an independent baseline to the nearest SSM and the other derived using AUSPOS positioning.

The results indicate that the differences between the measured coordinates and the given SCDB coordinates are similar in both magnitude and direction. The differences also agree with the rough positional accuracy given by Landgate for both points. This means that by adding these measurements into the SCDB adjustment, the coordinates in the database for the entire area can be shifted to its correct position. This would also allow a surveyor visiting the area in the future to redefine the boundaries based on SCDB coordinates; and therefore, allowing the implementation of a coordinated cadastre in that area.

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