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Bulong Post Office

Bulong Post Office Town lots 81-83 Cadastre Survey

Rob Kither

On the back of the gold mining rush in the eastern goldfields a town was born named I.O.U and later named Bulong, when four prospectors, Hogan, Henry, Kennedy and Turnbull found gold there in 1894.


The town, now abandoned, is 580 km east of Perth and was gazetted in 1895 after Surveyor G. Hamilton was instructed to design and name the town as the population grew rapidly as news of gold in the area spread.


The town developed numerous amenities in its time including 3 hotels, a school, a police station, a government hospital, a brewery, and a post office. The Post Office was opened in 1896;  downgraded in 1921 to a receiving office; then to a telephone office; and finally closed in 1956.

The Post Office Town lots 81-83 will be surveyed for boundary re-establishment, and a cadastral connection and upgrade to a Standard Survey mark (SSM) of BM U046 carried out.

As a part of the project, the survey will be compared to the Spatial Cadastral Database (SCDB) held by Landgate. The current point accuracy of rural areas on the SCDB is ±2 meters.

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