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Cadastral Redefinition Survey of lot 39

Joe Outtrim 


This project details the cadastral re-establishment of lot 39 of the now abended Galena town site and the ensuing investigation into the quality of the Spatial Cadastral Database in Galena. Lot 39 was successfully re-established using terrestrial methods despite the challenge of minimal physical boundary evidence. Connections to the geodetic network were made to 2 nearby SSMs via GNSS to be submitted to Landgate along with the field book for the re-establishment. The period of GNSS data collected at each point was long enough to process through Auspos which facilitated the determination of precise coordinates of various points to compare with the SCDB. This comparison revealed coordinate differences of a similar shift at both IPs but comparison of the baselines created by the IPs reveal rotation and scale differences between the coordinate sets. In addition to the coordinate differences revealed, error in the assigned SCDB coordinate accuracy was discovered. Means of improving the quality of the SCDB are concluded in the project’s report.

Galena Repeg

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