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2010 Expedition

Canning Stock



Dreaming of wide open spaces , relaxing around the campfire, and enjoying bush tucker is just the beginning of the study party from Curtin University which embarked on a 12 day expedition along the Canning Stock Route in July 2010. The party comprised 4 Curtin University students, 2 industry professionals and 2 Curtin lecturers retracing Alfred W. Canning's famous footsteps along the Canning Stock Route.


The purpose of this trip is to provide the 4th year surveying students with their final year projects and in addition completion of a spatial upgrade of the southern half of the Route and checks for the new Ausgeoid. This will involve retracing the original survey route of Alfred Canning, starting from mt Daivis near Well 9, heading southwards to Wiluna. From Well 9, the expedition will head south retracing the stock route, surveying the position of various survey marks along the Stock Route.


The student surveyors will use various GPS and traditional surveying techniques to locate, upgrade and place new survey marks along the Stock Route, as those placed by Canning are thought to be up to 5km out of position. The industry professionals and university lecturers will be mentoring the students throughout this project.


"The expedition proved to an invaluable and with while trip for all involved, especially the students who all went away with greater knowlege and appreciation of the Surveying Industry."

Canning Stock Route
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