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Kookynie Town Site


Ray Cotic  -  Kookynie Town site


Kookynie town site is located in the Eastern Goldfields region in WA. The town site was established and declared by the government in 1899 where it flourished due to gold discovery nearby. Originally the town site was surveyed by G.D. Robinson. By 1907 the population grew well over 3,500. Due to the increasing population over the years, infrastructure was upgraded which included a train line, hotels, pubs, brewery and even a public swimming pool. Since then, over time the gold ran out so the inhabitants moved away from the area effectively making the town site a ghost town.

The project to be associated with the Kookynie town site is of a cadastral survey nature. A lot in the town site is to be identified for a boundary redefinition, which will include finding cadastral marks and proving an alignment before the boundary is redefined.

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