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St Mary’s Church Repeg

Cadastral Redefinition Survey, Northampton

Timothy Ball 


A cadastral repeg of lot 200 Hampton Road, Northampton, was performed between the 19th and 21st of July 2018. The significance of this lot is that is it St Mary’s Church, one of the historical buildings of the town. The Church was designed by Monsignor John Hawes and was built in 1936. The convent situated next door was also designed by Mgr Hawes. Both buildings did contribute for Northampton to be registered as a heritage town since 1993.

In addition to the reestablishment of the church boundaries, a connection of the boundary corners to a Standard Survey Mark (SSM) was also performed. This was done to obtain the MGA2020 and GDA2020 coordinates of the lot corners and compare them to Landgate’s current Spatial Cadastral Database (SCDB) coordinates to discover how accurate the existing coordinates were.

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