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  • Traverse control through the tunnel traditionally (or maybe wall stations). Shoot cross sections at every set up (similar to mine surveying). Leave targets for the scanner.

  • Traverse with the terrestrial scanner through the tunnel, setups every 15 metres with approx. 5 x 5 m setups in the middle.

  • Scan the length of the tunnel with the mobile scanner and/or pope scanner. This scan will have significant drift as there will be no GPS observations while in the tunnel. Use the targets from the total station traverse to plot errors and adjust the mobile scan. Also then model these to interpolate corrections between targets.

  • Examine consequences both good and bad between methods.


  • Number of setups.

  • Accuracy with such small incident angles.

  • Field time.


  • Accuracy with drift.

  • Logistics of travel (walking/trolley).

  • Cost.


  • Accuracy.

  • Sparse Information between cross sections.

  • Field time.


UAV component:

UAV will provide view of the terrain over the entire site depicting the size of the hill which the tunnel is through. When tied with the terrestrial and/or mobile scans can provide an interesting 3 dimensional view of the tunnel burrowing under the normal ground terrain.



Joker's Tunnel

Phillip Jones
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